Commercial Project Management

Had another one of those co-innovation meetings with SAP today (regarding the Commercial Project Management package for Pro-Serv) and the age old topic of actual WIP calculation came up. All parties within SAP that I speak to agree that HANA is the way to go on the pricing engine, and the functionality has been submitted for consideration to the HANA group (internally within SAP, different groups responsible for different functionality are submitting internal requests to have their code HANA-enabled). Of course, this does not guarantee that HANA will be implemented in pricing/RRB/Results analysis, but it is the right start.

Also exciting is the development of a slimmed-down pricing procedure that can be used for Commercial Projects’ Financial Planning. It strips out the tax calculations that slow down pricing and obviously runs the calculations much faster. If this idea could be ported over to WIP actuals, then it would save a lot of pro-serv clients the trouble of customizing Results Analysis/RRB.

On a personal note: Happy first-date anniversary to my beautiful, patient, and intriguing wife! You are just as exciting 13 years later….