Status Update

Here at WG around the nation, we’re all quite busy with critical client stuff:

– A major client in Houston is having the Financial Controllers of its foreign divisions visit for final stages of their parallel ledgers (SAP NewGL) prep for int’l statutory reporting and we’re putting the finishing touches on the functionality, documents, etc….all the goods (i.e. deliverables).

– A major pro-serv client is getting serious about it’s consolidated billing portal, and…

– A major software company out west is rolling out its license biz in SAP

……so we’re all slammed, to put it mildly.

Therefore, for the sake of our teams and for brevity I’m just gonna borrow my LinkedIn/Twitter updates for this month’s blog. Call it lazy, but there is wisdom and efficiency in the recycling of one’s work-product:

“SAP’s Commercial Project Management bolt-on is really shaping up nice. It ought to help large orgs a lot in handling billable projects.

“For the record, Halloween has taken the top spot on my list of favorite holidays: costumes, candy, friends, fun, and no visiting relatives.”