Participating In Design Sessions

Regarding the SAP-BbyD/SF merger and the hope it will give SAP’s cloud strategy some clarity, here is an interesting article: software/enterprise_apps/240004542 #disqus_thread

Back in the on-premise world, we are happy to be participating in the design sessions for a new professional services package that SAP is developing (called Project Workspace). From what we’ve seen so far, they’re doing the right things in building the necessary ‘bones’ to link disparate objects together that have typically represented a project/opportunity ( client/contract/WBS, etc). And yet the new functionality is flexible enough to let customers more easily build their own processing transactions (billing editors, WIP analytics) if the standard is not desireable. This is an opportunity for us to put some good design ideas into RRB and WIP, which have been stumbling blocks for many SAP Professional Services customers thusfar (sorry, SAP, but you know it is true).
I’ll divulge more as I learn it….