Happy Holidays

The end of 2012 approaches and it was an interesting and wonderful year in many ways. In other ways, it was just like any other year, but that can be a good thing. We at WG are happy to announce the addition of another major technology company to add to our roster of clients. We’ll be posting some info about what is going on there in the near future.

We’re also excited to start, in January 2013, the posting of Wyndham Group “Bullet Points,” which are rapid but insightful learning sessions on topics that we find useful in our profession and with our clients. Examples of upcoming topics include:

  •  Consolidated invoice portals in SAP for Professional Services Firms
  •  Statutory reporting using SAP’s NewGL (parallel ledgers)
  •  Using HANA inside and outside of analytics (i.e. within ECC)
  •  Tackling WIP with multi-element invoicing (software, services, hardware, etc…all on one invoice!)
  •  And much much more!!  : )

The idea is to help educate each other within our organization with simple weekly info sharing. It is much easier for an independent-minded consultant to have 20 other highly qualified minds filtering and distilling the mass of information available to us all into what is actually useful than to be trying to keep up with SAP’s dynamic landscape all alone.

We thought we’d then share our insights with you so that you can see what we’re about and what we can bring to your engagements. Also, it might be a good way to encourage like-minded consultants to seek us out. We’ll be posting our sessions on LinkedIn starting in January.

Happy holidays, everyone.